Welcome to Azeroth-RO!


by [GM]Azeroth on 2019-05-11

Please Download the Full Installer to avoid future errors.

Server is UP

by [GM]Azeroth on 2019-05-11

•••UNFROZEN SERVER••• •Server Information: -Classic eAthena -DDOS Protected -Max Base Level: 255 -Max Job Level: 120 -Max Aspd: 196 -Max Stats: 255 -Server type Prerenewal -Pure Hunting/Quest Server -Unfrozen BTS Set -Balanced Skills & Job Classes (Modified) -Modified Equips and Cards -Main Language: English -Server timezone: GMT +8 •Rates: -Normal Cards 30% -MVP Cards 15% -Rare MVP Cards 1-10% -Job Class: 2nd Transcendent •Game System -Freebies: Newbie set and Doppelganger Card -Guild and Solo Package -Quest Items -MVP Room -PVP Ladder -Break The Seal -Vote for Points System -Stat Reset NPC -@quest for assistance or message us on our FB page -Woe Everyday and GOTM ( 9pm to 10pm GMT+8 )

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